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Brian Alger, The Liminal Frontiers of ExperienceBrian Alger is a writer, educator, and entrepreneur. This site is a gathering place for creative people interested in exploring the liminal frontiers of experience. Read Moreā€¦


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Aging: A Pilgrimage of Impermanence grapples with the hardships imposed by aging while seeking to broaden and expand human potential across the entire arc of life.

Liminal Frontiers

Liminal Frontiers of Experience | Brian Alger

The Liminal Frontiers of Experience are powerful thresholds in life that conjures a profound state of uncertainty between the comfort of the life we once knew and the life that has yet to reveal itself.


The Artistry of Learning | Brian AlgerThe Artistry of Learning explores intellectual, emotional, and spiritual process of becoming more fully human. Ultimately, learning a deep interior journey of self-discovery.