Why Write?

Everyone is a writer. We all have something of value to share with one another. I choose to embrace writing as an improvisational medium that I work with in order to help me explore the deeper nature

Kindness: The Privilege of Life

Kindness is the foundation of authentic strength and courage. To be kind is to deliberately move through life while consciously cultivating a generous presence, especially when we find ourselves

Rootedness: Feeling Grounded in Life

Rootedness is a state of well-being in which we feel physically, mentally, and intuitively grounded in life. In contrast, the experience of modern society is often one of feeling uprooted, that is to

Our Genuine Legacy in Life: Presence After Death

Our genuine legacy in life emerges after death as the felt-meaning of our presence in the minds and hearts of our successors; our legacy in life cannot be found in the material acquisitions that we