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The Liminal Frontiers of Experience


Liminality is the deep haunting feeling that inhabits us when we reach a point of no return in life. It demands personal transformation in which we must cross a threshold between a familiar way of life and step into the mystery of the life that is waiting for us. Liminality is a harsh and foreboding terrain that conjures fundamental change in our sense of being. (Read more…)


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Aging is a mysterious force that never leaves us alone. The more profound questions of aging focus our attention on the human life course. In this sense, aging is not merely about becoming old; it is about living a life worth living to the end of our days.


Artistry is a deep creative process of self-discovery. To cultivate artistic skills and capacities is to undertake the difficult psychological, emotional, and spiritual process of becoming the person we were meant to be, even when this creates conflict with the status quo. In the end, artistry is the means by which we create a life worth living.

Inner Life

Our inner life is a private energetic confluence of feelings, thoughts, ideas, memories, desires, fears, hopes, vulnerabilities, and intuitions. This is the frontier on which we make choices and decisions that shape our course in life.

Outer World

The Artistry of Learning | Brian Alger

The outer world is the unique space that each individual life moves through. In a broad sense, the outer world is the Earth or universe. In an intimate sense, however, the outer world is the terrain created through our interactions with the world around us.


In a deep sense, writing is a personal quest for belonging, transformation, purpose, meaning, and wisdom. As a creative practice, writing is a personal medium to improvise with the vagaries of subjective experience in order to discover the means to live a life worth living. Once created and shared, the words will go out into the world and take on a life of their own.